PART 1ST | 2ND | 3RD | 4TH |

Like A Doll (Stopped) 

cast : Leeteuk Super Junior | Choi Jong Hoon FT Island

PART  1 | 2 |

[UN]Mistaken Wedding (On Going)

cast : U-Know Yunho DBSK | Cho Kyuhyun Super Junior

PART  1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 |

Marrying an Idol (Stopped)

cast : Choi Siwon Super Junior | Agnez Monica

PART  1 | 2 |

The Alter Ego’s (On Going)

Cast | Summary PART  1 | Bleu Marriage (Semi – Hiatus) cast : Luhan EXO | Song Seunghyun FT ISLAND Prologue | PART 1 |


Crossed street (Complete)

Kim Jongdae POV | Kim Minseok POV | Choi Hyejin POV

EXO Vignette – One shot series (On Going)

[PC – A19] Position (Yunho DBSK | Lay EXO)

[PC – A21] Road : That Woman Who Named, Inge Zhang (Lay EXO)

[EXO V-OS series 3] Last Secret [Baekhyun]

Secret Love for Forbidden Lovers INFINITE’s Series (On Going)

SLF2L : Nae Yeoja, Nae Noona (Lee Sungyeol)

Secret Love for Forbidden Lovers

Chanyeol – Kris EXO

SUJU Kyuhyun | Victoria F(x)

Apart Changmin TVXQ | Suho EXO

.:Triangle Series (Yunho-Yixing-Chaeri):.

.:One Shoot:.

Love (Siwon – Agnes – Minho)

Key Of Heart (Kibum Super Junior)

Oppa (Kim Heechul Super Junior)

Illa – Illa (Jonghyun CN BLUE – JUNIEL)

a Moment to Remember (Kim Sunggyu INFINITE)

Fallen Leaves (Kris – Tao EXO-M)

Passed Times (Hyesung Shinhwa – U-Know Yunho DBSK)

My Beautiful, Lu! (Luhan EXO-M)


Time of collecting memories (Hoya-Sunggyu Infinite)

The Moon Upon The Sun (Shim Changmin TVXQ!)

Trapped Kim (Suho EXO)

Somewhere We’re Belong (Lee Donghae Super Junior)


EXO Candy Jelly Series


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